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Gazdovský dvor „U Tlačiarov“

You might be curious about the choice of our house's name. Tlaciar means Printer in Slovak. The whole name would then be A farm At the Printers'. The reason for this is simple. We have several kinds of animals and we still want more, hence farm and our great-great-great-grandparents were printing cloth with a special Blue Print technique. The art is gone now, but the nickname of our family remained.

Tlac    Tlac
Blue Print technique

Gazdovský dvor "U Tlačiarov" is a guest-house, built on the foundations of a former barn, joined to a typical Liptov house. We tried to keep its original looks and style, especially on the outside and make it as cosy and comfortable as we could from the inside.

Dom     Dom     Dom     Dom

There are four rooms in the house, three of those are suite type with a sitting room and a bedroom. Each room has a bathroom with a shower and a toilet. The guest-house opens to a large and beautiful garden. In the summer, you can enjoy quiet evenings barbecuing. In the very near future a playground for children will provide their share of fun. We also plan to build a small swimming pool there.On the ground floor, a little Café-bar is ready to serve you some simple meals such as pasta, pizza, baguettes, cheese and chips etc. and beverages in the non-smoking atmosphere. For smokers, there is an inclosed area and a summer terrace. Breakfast is served here, too.

Zahrada     Zahrada     Zahrada
In summer

Zahrada     Zahrada     Zahrada
In winter

Gazdovský dvor U Tlačiarov would like to invite all those interested in a holiday in a country style (=agrotourism). We would like to invite especially families with children, because as we titled ourselves a farm, we keep dogs, cats, sheep, rabbits and in the future, we would like to have ducks, geese, chicken and horses too.
If you come from a big city, you might be intrigued to try a whole range of house duties if you like, such as chopping the wood with an axe, sweeping the yard with an old fashioned broom, feeding the animals, making baskets with your own hands, mowing the grass with a scythe and arranging it into heaps etc.

Zvierata     Zvierata     Zvierata    
Zvierata     Zvierata
Our animals

In the off season, we offer our services to the companies with a possibility of organizing a small workshop or a seminar. For privat purposes, it is ideal for family reunions or celebrations of anniversaries or birthdays. In case of a homogenous group, we can easily accommodate 20 people and turn the Café-bar into a conference room or prepare a party there.
Our services include hiring a baby bed for the stay, translation and interpreting services, selling of a homemade honey and as we are a Dog-fiendly family, we also take your pets in (of reasonable size of course) for free. We are ready to help you with anything that comes up in the course of your stay.

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