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Gazdovský dvor U tlačiarov is situated in the village of Liptovský Trnovec. It lies in the middle of Liptov valley, at the shores of a dam Liptovska Mara. The dam is surrounded by beautiful mountains with plenty of possibilities for tourism, offering its ridges and valleys to contemplate and experience.
  Liptovsky Trnovec Liptovsky Trnovec

The Autocamp Liptovský Trnovec, also in the village, has got many opportunities of how to spend a sunny day. Its natural beach is accessible for a small fee and patrolled by lifeguards. There is beach volleyball, minigolf, badminton and other sport's facilities. It is up to you to choose the one that suits you. There are also bufets with fast food and drinks.
  Autocamp Liptovsky Trnovec Autocamp Liptovsky Trnovec

The Liptovská Mara dam offers many water sports ranging from swimming, riding water scooters, water bikes or boats. Four times a day a ship departs from the camping to make a forty-five minute tour around the lake. The whole area is a fishermen's paradise, especially in autumn, when there are less "other people".
  Liptovska Mara Liptovska Mara

Less than two kilometres away from the village of Liptovsky Trnovec, there lies one of the biggest waterworlds in the central Europe called Aquapark Tatralandia. With loads of wet amusment, fun, sports and bufets, it fills the day with excitement especially for children. The water in the pools is mineral and thermal. In the Aquapark, you can also relax in the wellness center.
  Tatralandia Tatralandia

In the opposite direction (to Ruzomberok), there is another open air swimming pool called Thermal Park Bešeňová. (15 km). Even though it is much smaller than Tatralandia, the water is equally warm and healing. There are less tobogans and pools, but also less people, so if you prefer a quieter place, you have just found it.
  Besenova Besenova

Some other thermal swimming pools are in Liptovský Ján (9 km), and Aquacity in Poprad.(40 km). In Liptovsky Mikulas (4 km), there is a normal indoor swimming poool.
  Liptovsky Jan Aquacity

In winter, there are many ski centers to offer their services. The biggest in the area is modernised Jasná-Nízke Tatrywith a new bubble jet lift. It is located in Demanovska valley (15km) and there are several lifts, many hotels and restaurants, ski school and other facilities.
  Mapa leto Mapa zima

Not very far, only 26km away, there is another center called Skipark Ružomberok. And if you do not seek the ultra modern lifts and if you prefer less people skiing around, you can always enjoy yourself in smaller centers such as Liptovsky Ján (9km), or Opalisko (8km) in závažna Poruba.

Even if the weather is not so perfect, do not despair. During the cloudy or rainy days, there are also a lot of things to do in Liptov. The town of Liptovský Mikuláš offers several museums and galleries with interesting expositions all summer long. There are some old churches and a nice historical centre with cafes, bars, little pubs or restaurants serving traditional Slovak meals.

In Demanovska Valley, there are two beautiful caves: Jaskyňa Slobody, (cave of freedom), richly decorated, Ľadová jaskyňa (ice cave) with the combination of ice and decorations. Važecká jaskyňa is in Vazec, in the direction of Poprad, about 25 km from Liptovsky Trnovec.
  Jaskyna Jaskyna

The history of Liptov is rich and colorful. Of many museums , historical and cultural sites, let us focus your attention to the Archeoskanzen Havránok. It offers a wonderful opportunity to enjoy and admire the lives and habits of early inhabitants of Liptov - Celts. It is a unique open air museum showing reconstructed wooden houses, totems and fortification systems of the Iron Age, definately worth visiting.
  Havranok Havranok

Another open-air museum picturing lives of people of Liptov is Múzeum Liptovskej dediny v Pribyline. In this village, various houses, churches and barns were collected to be saved, because they come from villages destroyed by the construction of Liptovska Mara Dam. There are artefacts from Liptovsky Trnovec too.
  Skanzen Skanzen

The village of Vlkolínec is an open-air museum not far from Ruzomberok and it is listed on UNESCO's World natural and cultural heritage list. It is a little bit different from the above mentioned, because even though it is a museum, people still live there. Do not hesitate to visit it and ask for more information in the house called Roľnícky dom
  Vlkolinec Vlkolinec

The last of the open-air museums is called zuberec and even though it represents the inhabitants and ways of life of another slavak region called Orava, it is also very interesting to see and it lies in beautiful surroundings of Western Tatras, only 23 km from Liptovsky Trnovec.
  Zuberec Zuberec

For those of you, who seek adventure and adrenaline, there are some motocar circuits in Liptovsky Mikulas and you can try mountain climbing, paraglinding, horseriding or impersonate Tarzan in two facilities called Tarzánia one in Jasna and the other in Aquapark Tatralandia.
  Tarzania Tarzania

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